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Click a specific question below to open our most current response. We’ll try to update this list of questions and answers as new information becomes available. Generally, when adding new items we'll add them to the bottom of the list below.  Please note that this information is subject to change without notice, so if you have a question that is not addressed here, please contact us at your convenience.  If any of this information contradicts information contained in your pruchase contract for one of our homes or the CC&Rs or community Bylaws, note that the item in your contract or the project documents is the version to be followed.

Where is The Grove at Marmalade located?

Immediately east of the new Marmalade Branch Library, at 260 West 500 North, Salt Lake City, Utah 84103.

The Phone Number for The Grove is (801) 257-0777.

The email address for The Grove is

How many units will The Grove at Marmalade have?

12 total residential units, as follows:

  • 6 Larger Floorplans (the “WEST” plan); 3,149 interior square feet (excluding 2 car garage), 2, 3, or 4 bedrooms, 3 ½ baths
  • 6 Smaller Floorplans (the “EAST” plan); 2,583 interior square feet (excluding 2 car garage), 3 bedrooms, 2 ½ Baths

What type of housing is The Grove at Marmalade classified as?

Homes at The Grove are classified as “Single Family attached” by Salt Lake City.  The Grove at Marmalade will be a Planned Unit Development ("PUD").

Will there be a Home Owners Association (an “HOA”)?

Yes. There will be a residential HOA for the twelve homeowners at The Grove. Also, The Grove will have membership in a “Master Association” due to its shared amenities (and outdoor plaza area) with the Marmalade Branch of the Salt Lake City public library and also the to-be-built mid-rise buildings north of the new library along the east side of 300 West. Specific details of this Master Association are being managed and will be implemented by Salt Lake City government.

What will the monthly HOA dues be at The Grove at Marmalade, and what items will be included in those dues?

The monthly HOA dues and budget for this community are still being finalized, but at this time we anticipate them to be no more than about $164 for each of the EAST floorplan homes and $200 for each of the WEST plan homes.  Listed below are currently planned items to be included in the HOA dues:

  • Fully Landscaped and professionally maintained exterior common areas
  • Exterior Building maintenance & Window Cleaning
  • Trash & Recycling Removal
  • Snow Removal
  • Community Mail Service to Property Entrance location (individual PO boxes)
  • Professional Property Manager
  • Common Area and Limited Common Area Property Taxes paid
  • Master HOA Assessment to contribute to shared common elements with neighboring Marmalade branch library plaza
  • Master Insurance Policy covering Structures, Common areas and Limited Common Areas

When will The Grove at Marmalade be completed?

Anticipated completion of the first two homes is August 2018, with all homes planned for completion by January 2019.  The plan is to finish and occupy two homes, in a staggered sequence starting with #7 & #8 (in Aug 2018), followed by #1 & #2 a month later (Sept. 2018), then #9 & #10 (Oct. 2018), etc.  The only planned exception to this schedule and pattern is that we expect to deliver no homes in December 2018 but to then deliver the remaining four homes (#5, #6, #11 & #12) in January 2019.  In all cases, when referring to any given month it is meant to be by the end of that month.  In cases where a Buyer selects a home scheduled for a later delivery, we may be able to fast-track its completion by a month or two depending on overall sales and other scheduling factors (weather, etc.).

Will some of the Residences be available to move into before the entire building of two homes is done?

Yes. We anticipate being able to obtain a “Certificate of Occupancy” on each residence individually.  This would allow us to Close and Buyers to occupy any individual residence before the neighboring home is completed.

Do homes at The Grove at Marmalade have security systems?

Yes. We plan on installing state-of-the-art security technology as a standard feature in all homes, with complimentary trial subscriptions for monitoring service for the first six months. Upgrades to these systems will also be available.

Will Google Fiber be pre-wired into all homes at The Grove at Marmalade?

Yes. We have made arrangements with Google to install their wiring infrastructure into each home at The Grove for Google Fiber.  This will be done for no additional cost to the Buyer.  Google plans at this time to connect The Grove at Marmalade to Google Fiber once they (Google) are ready to connect other areas in the neighborhood to their system.  We anticipate that there is a good chance Google Fiber will be active at The Grove at the time we are moving people in during late 2018.  Once activated, Google Fiber will make its services available to owners at The Grove on a fee-for-service basis.  The Grove has no control over when, if or under what terms Google Fiber will be offered at the community.

Will there be guest parking at The Grove?

No. There is abundant street parking in the Marmalade neighborhood area.

Will I be allowed to rent out my home at The Grove?

Yes, with restrictions of course.  In short, any owner may rent out their home to a tenant with a written lease of no less than six months as an initial term. Owners may not rent out less than the entire home to a tenant except under specific circumstances (see, “May I rent out a room or two to roommates” below).  Nightly and short-term rentals lasting less than six months are prohibited, as are subleases from one tenant to another.  The detailed answer to this question is contained in the CC&Rs for The Grove, which is a publicly-recorded document available online through the Salt Lake County Recorder's website.

May I rent out a room or two to roommates?

Yes, also with restrictions.  If an owner wishes to rent out a room or two to roommate(s) they may do so as long as they (the owner) also live there as their Primary residence, and so long as the other requirements of the CC&Rs are satisfied.  Renting out a room for less than six months is prohibited.  The detailed answer to this question is contained in the CC&Rs for The Grove, which is a publicly-recorded document available online through the Salt Lake County Recorder's website.

What are the approximate ceiling heights in the homes?

It varies quite a bit within each of the two floorplans and also from level to level and even room to room.  The reason for this is because the builder and architect want to always maximize ceiling heights while having to create ample space in the ceiling cavities for ducting, mechanical & HVAC, lighting, etc.  Below is information on estimated ceiling heights from the architect's drawings; note that in all cases it is approximate and subject to change without notice.

 Unit Numbers Level 1 Level 2 Level 3  
 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6  8 feet 8 inches 9 feet

10 feet (Master Bedroom only); remainder is 8 feet 

 7, 8, 9, 10  8 feet 2 inches 9 feet  9 feet   
11, 12 11 feet 9 feet 9 feet  


Will all of the power and communications lines along Arctic Court be burried underground during construction?

Yes.  On both the east and the west sides of Arctic Court all transmission lines are scheduled to be placed underground.  There will no longer be any poles installed on the street level along Arctic Court.

If you still have a Q that you need an A to, let us know by emailing . A good old fashioned phone call (801.257.0777) is welcome too!

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